At FODPA we strive not only for excellence but for “exceptionalism.” We define this approach to the arts this way: The art of going above and beyond earthly capabilities to enjoy God’s artistry in His creation. For many years, the arts in the Christian world have been treated as secondary and somewhat irrelevant. At FODPA, the arts are handled with an intentionality that brings a relevancy to what the Christian artist has to say. The arts do speak loudly. The world has offered the arts with a technical skill that many times allows their message to be heard above that of the Gospel. FODPA believes that God has issued a challenge to the Believer to excel in the arts as a way of communicating the heart of God with clarity, excellence, and authenticity. This can only be accomplished through professional training that will challenge the student to excel and not grow weary in the process of becoming the best they can be. The world will stand and listen when the Christian artist “performs” his or her message with a skill and passion equal to or exceeding what is being presented in society today. Field of Dreams Performing Arts stands ready to engage every student, young and old, with the opportunity to “OPEN THE DOORS TO THEIR DREAMS.” 


For us to achieve all this, we not only depend on annual student registrations but on financial contributions from people and companies like you!! We are looking for collaborators that would give and share their resources to help us with many of the challenges that our studio faces each year. Your contributions will help us tremendously!


-Theatre venue bookings to be able to perform our end-of-the-year recitals and shows

-Set and Props for our productions

-Office supplies

-Ticketing, Programs, Flyers, and Posters

-Promotional and Fundraising Material

-Scholarships for talented kids with limited resources.


As a sponsor, your name, company and/or business will be promoted and acknowledged in our events and productions. You will have access to Dress Rehearsals and four complimentary tickets for our recitals and shows every year.

Living Word Family Church- 10520 Star Rd Wake Forest NC

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